The romance between social media and TV

Before there was social media, there was TV. The television and it’s millions of shows created an addiction that would never end. That is, until social media hit the streets. With the release of social media to the world, addiction was thrown out the window, because what people had was way beyond addiction. It was/is their life. Countless hours spent and wasted on social media sites doing nothing but scrolling through random things and stalking random people. With this new addiction of social media, many analysts started to think that it would be the downfall of TV. Nobody would watch TV due to the fact that they could live in their imaginary world of social media. However, those analysts were wrong. It did quite the opposite. It is revolutionizing TV.


The first way that social media has only added to the depths of the televised world, is through ratings. Ratings for television shows were previously conducted through mail surveys sent to random target audiences. Although that method does still exist, social media has added a huge new depth to that. How many Facebook fans does the show have? How many tweets are sent that mention the show in a positive way? Etc. Etc.


Through the use of the infamous Hashtag on Twitter, television shows have been able to add real time tracking and create buzz throughout social platforms that lasts for days and even weeks. Even commercials are placing custom hashtags into their 30 second clips in order to create their presence. Some of the top shows have integrated hashtags to create a layer of interaction with the live shows. For those of you familiar with The Voice show, they allow users to tweet who they want saved, and it counts as a vote towards that singer. The Twitter community is essentially responsible for the booting of the lesser singer. Talk about real-time engagement!!

These are only a couple examples of the beautiful romance that is blossoming between TV and Social Media, but stay posted for a possible in-depth analysis later on.

Social Media Spam — What is it?

Have you ever been followed on Twitter by someone, only to receive a DM (direct message) from them with a link in it? Well there you have it; Social Media Spam. I should end the article here (but I will keep going just for you).

A few years ago, you used to get your email bombarded with “Spam” emails containing everything from a free island to  a gold toilet. The good news, is that all the email clients out there have become incredible at detecting all those junk messages and filtering them out. The bad news is that the social networks have not. It is only natural for Spam to infiltrate the social networks, as it was the next step in the evolution of communication (after email). It doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still incredibly annoying.

FUN FACT: Already 1 in 200 social media posts is SPAM

I know what you are thinking. “Nobody clicks on those things, so how do they make any money?” My response: They must, because Facebook Spam alone is a $200 million business.

Hopefully there is some good news on the horizon, and social media networks will finally crack the code on stopping Spam. But until then, enjoy the ride and try not to click on those random links.


Social media trends to look for in 2014

1. The year of Twitter

Obviously, Facebook will not be going away. It is a massive force with about 1.2 billion users. However, it has certainly reached a plateau of complete saturation among the social media market. This is where Twitter steps in.

Twitter, although being 7 years old, will be fully stepping into the limelight now that they are a public company. This means that many bystanders will want to see what it is “all about” and give it a go by joining the ever expanding Twitter-verse. Numerous studies have come out recently that are showing that more and more teenagers are jumping ship from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram. The proof is in the pudding, so expect a large boost in the Twitter market in 2014.

2. Snapchat Marketing

The founders turned down billions of dollars. They have 5 million users and counting. There is something in the works for marketing, I can guarantee it. In fact, a few companies have already started using it:

- Grubhub

- Tacobell

- The New Orleans Saints

3. Google+ to finally emerge into the big leagues

Google+ laid claim to having over 540 million active users, which makes it number 2 in the rankings behind Facebook. Nobody has really given Google+ enough credit, but with the Facebook and its clustered and hectic nature, Google+ is going to see a huge spike in 2014. This means HUGE marketing opportunities for businesses. Thanks to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, SEO and SM will be going hand-in-hand even more in 2014…especially with Google+.

4. Videos are in

I am not talking Youtube. I am talking video snipets like Vine and Instagram videos. Pictures are so 2013! Videos are the hot new thing, so expect some big traction in this area for 2014.

5. Investment into social media for your business will be a necessity, if it isn’t already.

Unless you have been around for 20 years and your customers are going to be there nomatter what happens, you need social media. People expect it, just like they expect you to accept debit and credit cards. So don’t be ignorant, and invest in a quality approach.

6. Foursquare is dead.

Don’t waste time and money on your Foursquare efforts. Let it die. It can’t raise money, it’s traffic and experience is stale, and every other social media platform has location-based features.

7. ROI will be proven

Up until this point, it has been tough to determine ROI on social media. Everyone is complaining about this. I guarantee that the social media geniuses at Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. are hearing those screams. I fully expect to see some big tweaks to social media platforms to allow for direct tracking of revenue and sales from social media.

8. Blog it up baby

Blogging is, and will remain, the #1 way to generate new business. Content is king, and blogs are the brains behind generating digital leads. Embrace it, and if your business doesn’t have a blog, now would be a great time to start.